Your next special event can be the best you’ve ever had!
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Hi. My name is Kenneth Brown, a professional Fort Worth magician. Let me help you turn your next party or special occasion into one that you and your guests will remember for years. When you hire me you will have taken your first step towards creating a successful event unlike any you have had before.
"When the night is over they will truly thank you for one of the best events of the year."
You and I will work together to determine how I can best help you with your plans so that it becomes a custom fit. Your friends and guests will have the time of their life as they experience wonder and astonishment wrapped up in family oriented humor.
Fort Worth Magician
Hiring a professional magician can turn your party into a life long memory.

For pricing and booking information please call me at 817.269.5938 or email me today.
Fundraising - yes you can. . .
Contact Kenneth Brown and discover how your church or school can raise money and have fun doing it. There is no risk and no up front cash obligation. You just can't loose when you raise funds magically.
How do you select a magician?
Are they a professional? You know the old adage, "you get what you pay for". If the person you are considering is a hobbyist or amateur you may want to reconsider. Although they may work for less, the end result may be a disaster. A professional will have far greater experience with working with audiences and how to entertain people as well as being more diligent in making and keeping commitments. Let's face it, the working professional makes his living by making sure you have a great event. They cannot afford to drop the ball. The amateur may know some great tricks but is more likely to cancel if something better comes along or even worse they may spend an hour doing nothing but card tricks.
Are they age appropriate? Many professional entertainers only work with certain ages of people. Some prefer children only, others adults, and many only work with college aged individuals. By asking what age group they prefer working with you can avoid a potential disaster. I work with all ages and always take extra material with me just in case. I have more than once been hired to do a children's show and end up with an audience of adults. If I only worked with children that would have been a real problem. Make sure your needs are clear to the performer and that their talents match. [more about hiring a professional magician]
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